Principal's Corner

Mrs. Maureen Ingham

Mrs. Ingham's Message for June 17, 2018

A parent came up to me at HOPE DAY a couple of weeks ago and handed me this note. She said that she had to write down her feelings and cry then so she wouldn’t cry all day as she came to her last HOPE DAY at SPS...four boys later. Her words say so much...and much better than I could ever this week, the words of a grateful and devoted Mom and Dad are the words I share with you…..

Maureen Ingham, Principal

“HOPE DAY 2018 brings me back to remember that HOPE DAY that first led our family to St. Peter’s School 16 years ago.

When it came time for our oldest, Danny, to start school, knowing that he would be away from home for a whole school day, we knew that we wanted him to be in a place where, like home, he would be taught about and treated with the love of Jesus. As parents, it was hard to let go and send him off to the real world, entrusting him to the care of others. We were filled with a deep sense of faith and HOPE that he and Jonathan and Adam and Luca, who would soon follow in his footsteps, would learn academically and grow spiritually in St. Peter’s School.

Over the years, St. Peter’s School and parish helped us to learn and grow as a family. It taught us the importance of service and sacrifice of time and finances. We also saw how God calls people as teachers, administrators and pastors to do His work in a place that builds a foundation of faith and morals and a place for learning. Looking back, we are thankful for each one and the different role that they played to help form our children and us as parents. We are especially thankful for Maureen and Father David, who have been instrumental in rebuilding the school both physically and spiritually, and for their personal friendship and the love that they have shown our children.

We HOPED that our children would make good friends, and they each have been blessed with what will probably be a friend or friends for life, through St. Peter’s. We, too, have been blessed in knowing so many good parents throughout the years, who will be a part of fond memories, and have been blessed with the true friends we will have for life; friends we didn’t HOPE for, but God provided since He knew we needed them.

As we prepare to watch our last son graduate from St. Peter’s in June, we are filled with a new HOPE and increased faith, since looking back on our years at St. Peter’s, we see how faithful God is...And how He takes care of us and our children and doesn’t expect much from us in return, except for our HOPE and our faith and our cooperation in giving the little we have to offer. He mercifully provides the rest. Our new HOPE is that as our children continue to grow into adulthood, He will again send faithful people, teachers, priests and friends to help them continue on their journey of life; that when they start to feel lost and life gets rough, they will be reminded of the seeds that were planted in their hearts at home and at school, and they will find their way back to God and the happiness that only He can provide. We HOPE that they will recognize how He carries them through all of their years, as He did at St. Peter’s, and prepared them for each “graduation” in life, until He brings them home to Him.

St. Peter’s will always be with us, in our hearts and in our prayers, and we will forever be grateful for the beautiful chapters it wrote in our lives.”

—Dan & Raphaelle LaNasa

Mrs. Ingham's Message for June 10, 2018

Sometimes, like all of us, at the end of a long and busy day, I sit back and wonder if all that we are doing is working and making sense...Is it making a difference??? Are we different...are we better??? Are we living and teaching and modeling Christian behavior as we should?

And like many of us, on those really tough long days, these thoughts certainly rise to the surface and sometimes cause us to question if what we are doing is enough. Is the message getting through? And then God steps in and reminds me of stories that certainly show that we, while not perfect, are headed in the right direction...

Robert found a $100.00 bill in the parking lot on a field trip. After searching and checking with the store owner and trying to return the money, the store owner reported that no one was seen on the cameras or had reported missing the money so it was Robert’s. ROBERT DONATED IT TO ST. LUKE’S MISSION...the organization his class had been supporting all year as a service project.

A new student was shadowing at SPS and was a bit nervous, as would be expected. Her soon to be classmates took her under their wing for the day and made her feel very comfortable. When the little girl’s mom picked her up at the end of the day she said, “I HAD A GREAT DAY HERE AND IT WILL BE SO MUCH EASIER TO LEARN HERE BECAUSE THE KIDS ARE ALL NICE TO EACH OTHER.”


One Principal read over the responses to a survey where she asked what teachers and students liked best about SPS and what things they might like changed. The list of changes had the usuals...less homework, more recess time, different lunches, etc....all of those we would expect. But...the resounding response, from teachers and students alike, when asked what they liked best about SPS, was Friday Mass. While other responses were noted (they had to give 2 ), almost every survey spoke to the family feeling, the good friends, the way we all look out for each other, the love of our Pastor, the coming together to share every week, the praying of the Our Father at Mass as we cross the aisle and hold hands, and learning to love and learn about God and share His word.

PHEW!!! I feel better! What we are doing IS working and it DOES make sense. And the things we are teaching and learning DO make a difference. And, I may be prejudiced, but I do think we ARE different in what we can say and do and teach and talk about. Thank you, dearest Lord, for always bringing me back to YOU, to remind me of all the goodness with which you have surrounded me and all of our Saint Peter family. YOU are indeed awesome...and I, and all of us, are deeply blessed to BE SPS!

Maureen Ingham, Principal

Mrs. Ingham's Message for June 3, 2018

On May 24th we celebrated a long-standing tradition at SPS...HOPE DAY.

HOPE DAY is a day set aside to honor our Grade 8 students who are moving on to high school, and our Grade 7 students who are moving up to be the leaders of our school. And having watched these children grow over the years, there are two things of which I am most sure:

(1) No matter where they choose to go to high school, every one of our eighth graders has received a solid foundation upon which to build their futures...We send them on their way ready to meet the challenges of high school, and the world that awaits them.

(2) The 7th graders moving up to Grade 8 have proven over and over again that they are ready to assume the role of school leaders, and I cannot wait to share those opportunities with them. They have already begun some homeroom planning ideas, and we will do all we can to make it happen.

God bless these awesome kids...these young adults and thank you for making us proud every single day!

As we move to the last few weeks of this school year, we ask for the prayers of all of our St. Peter and St. Bernard families as we sit for our end of year

review classes, take our final exams, host our graduation celebrations, and prepare for our summer break. And as we look towards another school year, I have asked all students and teachers to complete a questionnaire asking them to identify two things they especially like about SPS and one thing they would like to change. Over the next weeks, I will share some of the “top ten” from the data we collected ...and because we need to listen to the voices of those we serve, we will do our best to address those things that we can, and respond personally to all of those things we cannot change.


Maureen Ingham, Principal

Mrs. Ingham's Message for May 27, 2018

We are so excited at SPS with all that has been happening out behind the school!!! All the waiting has been worth every minute as we get closer to the grand opening of the playground and as we use the newer, safer loop for the drop off and pick up of our students. Thank you all from all of us...from the bottom of our hearts!

As we close out the month of May, inside SPS has been very busy also. For the past eight weeks or so, the authors and illustrators in Grade 2 have been busy writing their own stories and completing each page of text with accompanying drawings. Their hard work, the work of their classroom business entitled “13 Authors’ Ink,” was shared with students, staff and families at their grand “BOOK UNVEILING,” held in the gym last week. We are so very proud of Mrs. Jorgensen and all of her students for showing us that you are never too young to be a writer. Books will be on display in the school media center to be viewed, up close, by other students and visitors.

27 students traveled to Hamburg last week to participate in the annual Diocesan track meet held at St. Francis High School. We had runners, relayers and jumpers, all of

whom did an excellent job representing SPS and enjoying a day of sunshine out of school.  Thanks to these athletes and to our softball team who seems to be jumping from date to date due to many cancellations from weather, and doing their best as they show SPS spirit wherever they go.

Thanks to our GIRLS ON THE RUN team, and their coaches, Julie Berrigan, Megan O’Rourke and Lisa Aquino, for the awesome job they did in helping our parish 5K Run/Walk last weekend. These girls have been working and training to be prepared to compete at the WNY meet held in June. They are a shining example of our school and their families and we wish them the best next weekend.

God bless us all as we approach the home stretch!

Maureen Ingham, Principal