Principal's Corner

Mrs. Maureen Ingham might want to bring out your box of Kleenex as you sit and read this week’s bulletin! I sure had a few moments of reflection as I read the “letters to Santa” as posted on the hallway walls by our third graders. True to Mrs. Grenga form, the children, it was apparent, have been reminded that Christmas is not just a time to ask for the toys and games that you want for yourself, but read some of these thoughts and I think you will agree that the greater meaning surrounding the birth of Jesus is truly understood by these 8 and 9 year old children....

Dear Santa...

Thank you Santa. You have been so good to me every year. Please give my sister protection, love and keep her safe. I have all I need. (Seamus)

My grandpa has Alzheimer’s and I want him to feel better. I want him to have a good Christmas. My Grandma is always helping him. Please let her have a good Christmas too. (Skylar)

What I really want for Christmas is for my uncle to get better because he had a little heart attack. Also for my aunt not to be sad because her sister died and for my mom’s ear infection to go away. P.S. I’ve been really good lately. (Elliana)

What I would like for Christmas is food and water for the Puerto Rican families and clothes and houses too. I would like a mermaid tail and some slime and putty. (Jocelyn)

Could I have my own nativity scene for my bedroom? Could I also have some flowers for my aunt who is sick? When my elves come to report to you, tell them they are great elves. (Marisa)

What I really want is for my great-grandmother to feel better. Also, my great-grandfather’s sister died and he is sad about that. Does Jesus tell you about all this? P.S. I’ve been good....ish! (Magdalen)

Thank you for all the toys you have brought me since I was born. I am very appreciative for all the things you brought me. (Tanek)

This year I would like a real phone, but MOST of all I would like a good Christmas with all my family...and I would like my ears pierced, too. (Paden)

Hello! I hope your reindeer are getting ready to fly. Are you having a good Christmas? Could you please give presents to people who need some holiday cheer? I would also love it if you could help make Dominic feel better. Have a safe flight! (Josie) (Note...Dominic is a student in the class who fell off his bike, broke his leg and has been out of school for two weeks.)

I would like to get presents to give to people like a necklace for my Mom and shoes for my Dad. I want to have a good Christmas with my family. (Landon)

How often do we say...“out of the mouths of babes”...they say it so much better than I ever could. God bless Mrs. Grenga for sharing this message and for all of the students in Grade Three who “get it!”

Maureen Ingham,