Principal's Corner

Mrs. Maureen Ingham

We used to think that the busy months for celebrating special days centered around November and Thanksgiving and December and Christmas and April and Easter. And because we are a Catholic school, these absolutely ARE the most important celebrations! But...once you work in an elementary school, you soon realize that there are so many more occasions on the calendar that are cause for reading, predicting, writing, imagining, sketching, creating and celebrating. Here are some of the many things that our teachers have turned into learning in a fun and creative way this past month...

We wear green, learn about the good St. Patrick and… in Grade 2, they wrote about finding a missing leprechaun, complete with a detailed description…including black heeled shoes and green lipstick… and a hefty reward for the one who finds this missing rascal.

Megan O’Rourke, our very Irish PreK-4 teacher, who happens to have been born right on March 17, has her classroom door decorated with a gigantic leprechaun...and her students absolutely LOVE IT!! “Way to celebrate the green, Miss O’Rourke,” says the very Irish principal, Maureen O’Hara Ingham. 

A real message adorns our primary hallway with a bit of a play on words… but not on meaning.

It is dental health month and, in addition to having members of the UB Dental School speak to our classes about taking good care of their teeth, Mrs. Shanks reminds her students with this giant tooth and toothbrush on her door.

And who has a birthday every March??? Well, Dr. Seuss of course! Students across our primary wing engaged in a variety of activities related to Dr. Seuss and his many famous, tried and true stories. After reading this famous story, Miss Sansano’s students took “The Cat in the Hat” to a whole new level. Each of these Kindergarteners posed for their own “kid in the hat” photo and then disguised themselves to look like a doesn’t get any cuter than this!

Learning for whatever, subject, shape, color, style, genre, or medium it takes... Our SPS teachers reach far and wide to bring the best of the best to make the learning alive and meaningful for each and every student. God bless the greatest team of educators anywhere!!!!!

Maureen Ingham, Principal

Date Name Prize

1/2/2018 Marie Chamberlain $100

1/3/2018 Bridget DeDario $111

1/4/2018 Alisa Malstrom $174

1/5/2018 Carolyn Robinson $500

1/8/2018 Lorie Tedesco $123

1/9/2018 Tom Licata $110

1/10/2018 Melanie McCormick $222

1/11/2018 Laura Colangelo $185

1/12/2018 D. Rogenmoser $500

1/16/2018 Josh DeSilva $120

1/17/2018 Eli Porter $333

1/18/2018 Kristin & Todd Savard $190

1/19/2018 Chelsea Treichler $500

1/22/2018 Colleen Palmeri $234

1/23/2018 Suzanne Elliott $130

1/24/2018 Jennifer Tompkins $444

1/25/2018 Jennifer Ventress $204

1/26/2018 Marie Ponzi $500

1/29/2018 Trish Pileggi $345

1/30/2018 Lori Till $140

1/31/2018 Hurtgam $555

2/1/2018 Melanie Ridolfi $280

2/2/2018 Juan Latorre $1,000