Is God calling you or someone you know to be Catholic?


A participant in the RCIA stated: “At my core, I am a good rule-following Catholic. I spent all of my childhood and some of my adulthood thinking that was enough. But it’s not. If we want other people to know what we know and have what we have, we have to let them see our passion and our joy.”

Pope Francis said in The Joy of the Gospel: “Every Christian who has experienced the love of God in Christ Jesus…is always a ‘missionary disciple.’” The Samaritan woman and townspeople, after hearing the mystery of Christ proclaimed, consciously and freely sought the living God. But nothing happened before that! So, what are we waiting for??

Our parish RCIA process continues in Inquiry time. Have you invited anyone who is not baptized or is interested in becoming Catholic or who desires to complete their Sacraments to “come and see?” We gather Tuesday evenings at 7 p.m. in the Rectory. Call Sister Ann for more information (754-4118). What are we waiting for?


As always, you may talk to Fr. David, Sr. Ann or pick up a brochure at the doors of the church. With your help and prayers, we will continue to share the Love of Christ in the Catholic Church.




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 Anyone who is considering joining the Catholic Faith is welcome to attend The Rite of Christian Initiation of Aduts (RCIA). This is a spiritual journey through which adults discern becoming full, active, participating members of the Catholic Church. During the RCIA process, interested persons attend weekly meetings where the team helps them to grow in their relationship with God, become familiar with Catholic teachings and practices, get acquainted with people in the parish, and get involved in service within the parish. The RCIA team assists people in their decision to become Catholic, as well as Catholics who wish to complete their sacraments of Eucharist and Confirmation.  

For more information, please call the rectory at (716) 754-4118 or E-mail 

Msgr. David LiPuma pastor@stpeterlewiston.org or 

Sister Ann McDermott, OSF pastoralassociate@stpeterlewiston.org