Our School Bus

Did you notice the 20 passenger yellow school bus in the back parking lot? It is ours!!!! We were offered a deal we could not refuse, and are now getting all of our ducks in a row so that we can get it on the road for morning and after-noon student pick-ups and drop-offs, field trips, sporting ac-tivities. and special events. We do need some assistance and hope you can help...if you have a CDL license to drive a bus and have a little bit of time on your hands, we would love to have you help us out on a regular and/or as needed basis, as our driver.

We can make the hours work around your availability, and we will not be ready to start for at least a couple of months.

If you have any interest at all, or would like more information, please call Maureen Ingham at the school office at 754-4470.