"And I say to you, that you are Peter, and upon this rock I will build my church, and the gates of Hell shall not prevail against it." - Matthew 16:18

Pastor's Message

Fr. Cole's Message for October 2, 2022

As we continue the Road to Renewal, the remaining Families will be designated to be formed within two Phases. St. Peter RC Parish and St. Raphael's are in the second Phase. Each Phase will consist of the following stages:• Activation Stage - Parishes begin developing a Family Council and Family Action Plan. This phase lasts six months. - Phase 1 Family of Parishes (FoPs) will commence this stage November 1, 2022. - Phase 2 FoPs will commence this stage May 1, 2023.
• Inauguration Stage - The date on which a Family of Parishes begins functioning as a Family. - Phase 1 FoPs are estimated to be inaugurated May 1, 2023. - Phase 2 FoPs are estimated to be inaugurated November 1, 2023.

Please stay informed by visiting the website at www.RoadToRenewal.org and pray the
Prayer for Renewal regularly. Our cooperative effort is what is needed to thrust our diocese into a healthier and more
attractive way of being Church where we can praise and worship God together.

Synod Voices Continue to Be Heard
The SYNOD results from ALL of the Dioceses
in the US have been consolidated and are
available at the USCCB website at the link below. We encourage you to read this extraordinary document - and notice how so many of the same comments throughout the country match the results of our own Diocesan Listening Session.
US Synod Synthesis:
https://www.usccb.org/resources/us- national-synthesis-2021-2023-synod

Fr. Cole's Message for July 3, 2022

Our parish cemetery on Oak Street in Youngstown is finally getting a sign! Often, I have heard from parishioners that they never even knew this cemetery belonged to the church. The front fence has been removed and the doubled sided sign which is 36" high x 64" wide will be perpendicular to the road. If
you would like to help us offset the cost of $5,900.00 please drop an envelope labeled “cemetery” in the collection basket or mail it to the rectory. Any funds over and above will be put toward further cemetery maintenance. Thank you for your consideration.A very special thank you to Aerial Roofing
who tore off and replaced the roof on the St. Bernard’s rectory. It looks fantastic and was much needed! They have also fixed the siding on the side of the St. Bernard school building after a tree fell this past Easter. Aerial will be back to fix up some other knicks and dings in the siding around the St. Bernard property.Thank you also to Krellcad Landscaping who does a tremendous job at beautifying our worship sites. Our St. Peter site was landscaped in early April and our St. Bernard site was cut, edged, and mulched two weeks back. The work on the St. Peter rectory is facing construction delays. Bison Painting should be starting to paint the trim and apply the last coat of lime wash in the coming weeks.

Fr. Cole's Message for May 29, 2022

Easter Greetings!With the beginning of spring comes the beginning of ‘vocation season,’ by that I mean the vocational sacraments
of Matrimony and Holy Orders. Already this year our parish celebrated four weddings and we have eleven more on the books for 2022. Congratulations to our newlyweds and we continue to pray for those on their way to the altar of God to unite in a bond of permanent, faithful, and fruitful love!Recently on Saturday, May 21 our diocese gained three new permanent deacons, Mark Bialkowski, Timothy Haley, and Andrew Mical. Deacons are configured to Christ the Servant through the Sacrament of Holy Orders and can witness marriages, perform baptisms, preside over funeral and burial services outside of Mass, distribute the Holy Communion and preach the homily.
We congratulate Rev. Mr. Jeffrey Donovan who was ordained a transitional deacon on Friday, May 27 at Our Lady of Victory Basilica. After learning diaconal ministry, Jeffrey will be ordained a priest in 2023. Saturday, June 4 our diocese is blessed to gain two new priests Rev. Joseph Franz and Rev. Joseph Tokasz who
will be ordained at St. Joseph’s Cathedral at 10:00am. Let us continue to keep in prayer our very own, Br. Cassian Mary (Dante Iozzo) who is completing his first year of formation for the Dominican’s. Who will be the next vocation from our parish to serve our Church? Your son, daughter, grandchild, niece, or nephew? When was the last time you encouraged someone to consider religious life? If you or anyone you know would like more information on Church vocations, please never hesitate to email me or call the rectory.

Fr. Cole's Message for May 22, 2022

Easter Greetings!

Spring has sprung so much joy and anticipation! With everyone finally able to get outside for walks, ice cream, and gardening the summer maintenance season has also begun! Most importantly, we continue through these 50 days of the Easter Season that sprouts new life in Christ! Congratulations to our 38 youngsters who received Jesus in the Blessed Sacrament for the first time on May 7 th. Thank you to Dianne Wysocki and Ryleigh Myers in our Faith Formation office for helping prepare our youngsters and for making the day so special. A very special thank you to all our parents and grandparents who explored the mysteries of the Eucharist with their children and grandchildren. Your witness to Jesus is a lesson in and of itself, and to be able to share what Jesus means to you, is an opportunity filled with tender grace. On Mother’s Day, May 8 th many of our first communicants came back, and with the rest of our youngsters in church, we crowned the Blessed Mother at the 10:00 am Mass with each child offering her a carnation. At our St. Bernard site we have signed with a company to get the school building repaired after a tree fell on Holy Saturday. Thank God only the branches brushed the building,...it could have been much worse. The
landscaping will soon be done around the church. We have also signed to have the faith formation classroom, restroom, office, and the Altar Rosary room painted in the school building and have a contract to replace the rectory roof that is in dire need of replacing. Thank you also to a special volunteer who cleaned the St. Bernard kitchen top to bottom, wiped everything down, and organized and relabeled the cabinets and drawers. It looks beautiful! Stop by and see St. Bernard Cemetery on a gorgeous day! An ENORMOUS thank you to Ray at Gate of Heaven and his crew who have repaired all the graves in the old section. Stones have been righted, foundations fixed, graves leveled, and much of the brush along the fences cleared. We are waiting for the fence company to fix the broken portion after, yet another tree, fell this spring. Much more plans in the works for our cemetery... stay tuned! At our St. Peter site, I have been working with Diocesan Buildings and Grounds to rev up our rectory restoration project. They are due to start the last coat of lime wash that will bring back the soft yellow color, finish painting the molding, and replace the front columns. Much more concrete work must be done and I am pushing hard to have it finished this season. Has the sound improved in church? I hope so! A huge thank you to GB Audio and a generous donor who facilitated a complete upgrade of our sound system. We have 2 new lavaliers, a handheld, new choir mics, mixers for the sacristy and loft, and new music stands with LED lights. Thank you to everyone for all you do to make St. Peter’s such a vibrant community!Christ is Risen! He Has Risen, Indeed!!

Fr. Cole