Reading Intervention Specialist, Nurse & School Social Worker


Mrs. Joyce Smith ([email protected]) is a registered nurse who works at St. Peter RC School every Tuesday, or as needed for questions and/or emergencies. Mrs. Smith takes care of our students’ health while she is in the building and is responsible for all health regulations such as physicals, immunizations, medications and doctor’s notes. Our clinic is located in the short hallway across from the Kindergarten classroom.

Social Worker

Through funding from the Fidelis Grant, The Diocese of Buffalo in conjunction with Catholic Charities provides St. Peter RC School with a certified Social Worker to help meet the needs of our students. Mrs. Kristen Keller -[email protected]  is at St. Peter School on Mondays and Thursdays to meet with individual students, small groups or to present to a whole class on a topic of interest or need.

If you would like the Social Worker to meet with your child just let us know and we will send you the appropriate release forms to begin the process.

We are grateful for these services for our children.

Reading Intervention Specialist

Beginning in November 2018, St. Peter School brought a much-needed staff member to our school in an effort to best meet the needs of all students in the areas of Reading and Writing. Ms. Lisa Ferenc, a retired reading specialist from the Niagara Falls City School District immediately set in place, in collaboration with our Student Support Team, intervention strategies for students who had some difficulties in reading; fluency, comprehension, decoding and in writing; sentence structure, main idea etc. Students once tested, work independently or in small groups with Ms. Ference, to assist them in their area of weakness.

Enrichment activities are also available for those students who may be exceeding their grade level standards and are in need of a challenge in the areas of Language Arts. Ms. Ferenc challenges these students to reach higher, dig deeper and stand taller as they complete the reading, writing and creative activities with which they are presented.