Remote Learning

St. Peters is committed to continuing instruction during this time of closure.  

If you are having trouble accessing sites or links please go to and login with your [email protected] email FIRST, before trying to access any of the links below.

Some class sites are restricted to those with a St. Peter email address, so if you are getting an error page when you click on one of the class links, please be sure to use the login information provided to your student or in your packet to login first.  Also, using your Chrome browser vs. Internet Explorer works better for this site.  If you are still having trouble, please contact [email protected]

Each teacher has prepared a web page where we will communicate your assignments each week.  Please check your teachers page each week day morning for any changes. Special areas are also providing instruction, be sure to visit their pages as well and complete assignments and activities as outlined on their page.

Special Areas

Special Area Remind Sign Up:

Art: Students have art once per week.  Please check in weekly for updates. Music: Students have music once per week.  Please check in weekly for updates.
Technology: Students have Tech once per week.  Please check in weekly for updates. Physical EducationStudents have PE twice per week for a total of 90 minutes.  Please use the fitness challenges and journals that were provided with your students packet and check back weekly on the website for any possible updates.
Spanish: Students PK3-5th grade have Spanish once per week.  Please check in  weekly for updates.  Middle school should check the site each weekday for updates.



PK3 - Mrs. Shanks

PK3 - Art
PK3 - Music

PK3 - Spanish

Multi-age - PK3/4 - Mrs. Wojciechowski PK3/4 - Art
PK3/4 - Music

PK3/4 - Spanish

PK4 - Mrs. Payne PK4 - Art
PK4 - Music

PK4 - Spanish

Kindergarten - Mrs. Ryan Kinder - Art
Kinder - Music

Kinder - Spanish

1st Grade - Mrs. Montante 1st Grade - Art
1st Grade - Music

1st Grade - Spanish

1st Grade - Mrs.Couturier 1st Grade - Art
1st Grade - Music

1st Grade - Spanish

2nd Grade - Mrs. Jorgensen 2nd Grade- Art
2nd Grade- Music

2nd Grade- Spanish

3rd Grade - Mrs.Andrzejak 3rd Grade- Art
3rd Grade - Music

3rd Grade - Spanish

4th Grade - Mrs. Phillips 4th Grade - Art
4th Grade - Music

4th Grade - Spanish

5th Grade - Mrs. Carlson 5th Grade- Art
5th Grade- Music

5th Grade- Spanish

Middle School: Science - Miss. Seager

Art - 6th Grade
Music - 6th Grade

6th Grade Religion - Mrs. Carlson
6th Grade Spanish
Middle School: ELA - Mrs. Flynt Art - 7th Grade
Music - 7th Grade
7th Grade Religion - Mrs. Flynt
7th Grade Spanish
Middle School: Math - Mrs. Say Art - 8th Grade
Music - 8th Grade
8th Grade Religion - Mrs. Flynt
8th Grade Spanish
Middle School: Social Studies - Mrs. DiNardo