St. Peter's App

St. Peter's App

St. Peter’s is pleased to announce the availability of our new app for all smartphones and tablets. The app will work hand in hand with our parish website,

Among some of the features, you’ll be able to get notifications of different happenings from within our Parish, School, Faith Formation, etc.—and you can choose which groups you want notifications from!

To download the app:

 text: stpeter5 to 555888 (for Apple products)

 text: stpeter6 to 555888 (for Android products)

Then follow the link provided.

You can also go directly to the App store or the Google Play store, type in St Peter and St Bernard, and you'll be directed to the correct App to install.

If you have any questions downloading the app or any technical issues, please call the rectory and ask to speak with our Parish Secretary, Nicole or Joe Conti.