Student Drop-off/Pick-up Policy

Picking Up and Dropping Off students...EFFECTIVE JANUARY 2, 2020
We are happy to provide the service we do for our parents and children at the time of drop off in the morning and pick up in the afternoon. With the really bad weather approaching, and the need for our teachers and staff to be in their classrooms with all students to begin and end our work day, please note that the following policies will be in place beginning the day we return from break:

  • Doors will open at 8:30 am and teachers/staff will be outside from 8:30-8:40 am only to assist in the car loop. All staff will reenter the building at 8:40 and if you arrive after 8:40 you will need to park your car and walk the children to the door. Parents are not to walk their children into the school or to class...this is too distracting for the child, the teacher and the other students in the class...thanks for attending to this.
  • Only if a child arrives after 8:45 am do they need to go to the office for a late slip (and this should be very infrequent...mostly for dental/doctor appointments). The secretary will write the late slip, the parent will sign in the book, and then the child will walk to his/her class and the parent will leave the building, not walk the child to class. Again...this helps us all when this practice is followed
  • The same practice will occur at the end of the day. Announcements are completed and students are ready for dismissal by 3:08. Teachers/staff will remain outside for pick-ups until 3:20 pm. If you are not able to get here by 3:20, and we understand that with work schedules at your end this cannot always happen, your child will be safely waiting in the latch key room at the top of the stairs. After 3:20 pm, you will need to park your car and buzz in and go to the latch key room to sign out your child.
  • Please know that all of these rules are for the safety and health of your children and our teachers and staff. We do our best to accommodate you and your children, ¬†and the staff who are assigned outside duty...please help us all by following these rules. And, a kind word to those that are working outside is always appreciated, in place of a comment that hurts feelings because your child is inside and you have to come in and get her/him. Thanks to all for continuing to work towards safety for all!