Tuition Fees 2020-2021

St. Peter R.C. School

Tuition and Fees for the 2020-21 School Year


Kindergarten through Grade 8 Tuition:

                                            Registered on or before                   Registered after

                                                         Feb 1, 2020                               Feb 1, 2020

1 child                                               $3,625.00                                  $3,725.00               

2 children                                          $5.325.00                                  $5,425.00                                 

3 or more children                             $6,975.00                                  $7,075.00                                                                                                         


Early Childhood Program

Early Childhood education is the best foundation for success in future learning. Based on the belief that “Better Beginnings Yield Strong Completions”, St. Peter School offers families an outstanding developmentally appropriate pre-school program. Our multi-age program welcomes children who turn 3 on or before December 1, 2020. There is a three (T, W, TH) or five day option for three-year olds. Children who turn 4, on or before December 1, 2020, are invited to join either our PreK-4 class or our multi-age class. A discussion with the teacher and the Principal will help determine which PreK-4 setting is best for your child.

Pre-Kindergarten 4 Tuition **

                                              Registered on or before                     Registered after

                                                         Feb 1, 2020                                  Feb 1, 2020

5 Full Day Program                           $5,325.00                                    $5,425.00

Multi-Age/Pre-Kindergarten-3 Tuition **

                                                                  Registered on or before                   Registered after

                                                                              Feb 1, 2020                                    Feb 1, 2020                                                                                 

                        5 Full Day Program                 $6,125.00                                   $6,225.00

                         3 Full Day Program                $5,575.00                                  $5,675.00


**All Pre-K Programs follow the regular school day times and calendar.

PreK tuition is not a part of the multiple child discount noted above. If you have more than one child in the St. Peter PreK program, the PreK tuition for the second child is discounted by 50%. You should check with your tax advisor to determine if any of the PreK tuition is eligible for tax credits or benefits.

Parents who enroll children in both PreK and K-8 programs will receive a 15% discount of both the PreK tuition and K-8 tuition listed above.                  
Any student who enters St. Peter Kindergarten from our St. Peter Pre-K program will receive a $500 discount on their Kindergarten tuition.

Any student who spends three years, for whatever reason, in St Peter Pre-K program will be charged half of the Pre-K tuition for the third year.

Tuition Assistance

Any families in need of tuition assistance MUST apply to the Bison Fund first to determine eligibility. Once the Bison application has been received, families may submit an application for the St. Peter tuition assistance program. Eligibility will be determined by the St. Peter Finance Committee.