Faith Formation (Religious Education)

St. Peter RC Parish




On Tuesday, May 28, we celebrated Confirmation at St. Peter’s Church and 54 candidates from St. Peter & St. Bernard, Niagara University, and St. Vincent de Paul were confirmed. We would like to extend a special thank you to those who shared their gift of time and talent to help make the celebration a very blessed experience for all, especially Bishop Malone, Msgr. David LiPuma, Msgr. J. Thomas Moran, Fr. James Bastian, Fr. Ryszard Biernat, Fr. Peter Calabrese, Fr. Robert Hughson, Fr. Paul Miceli, all the parents and sponsors who helped support the candidates on their faith journey, our catechists, Mr. Rodney Alaimo, Mrs. Rae LaNasa, and Mrs. Bernadette Franjoine, who helped prepare our candidates, as well as our parish altar servers and ushers, our director of music and organist, Mr. Peter Smith, and our cantor and musicians. We also thank from Niagara University, Mrs. Christine Schwartz (Confirmation catechist), Mary Beth Smith (DRE), and Dana Wieczorek (Sacramental Coordinator) and from St. Vincent de Paul Parish, Sr. Joanne Suranni, CSSF (DRE).

Newly Confirmed Members of our Catholic Faith 

St. Peter Parish

Isabella “Rita” Aquino

Graciana “Elizabeth” Auer

Daniel “Joseph” Bax

Allison “Elizabeth” Beresheski

Adelaide “Christina” Buth

Eloise “Margaret” Buth

Luc “Sebastian” Buth

Isabella “Theresa” Caccamise

Nicholas “Apollo” DiCarlo

Charles “Charles” Dieteman

Jayden “Jory” DiLorenzo

Sarah “Joan” Falsetti

Jeremy “Moses” Ferguson

Bailey “Katharine” Giannini

Isabella “Catherine” Hall

Luke “Richard” Kellick

Izabella “Catherine” Krecisz

Virginia “Cecilia” Kumi

Sara “Clare” Mang

Allison “Cecilia” Mariglia

Erin “Christopher” McNamara

Jacob “Edward” Niccola

Everitt “Maximilian” Owen

Justin “Luke” Pavan

Anna “Mary” Pizzi

Emma “Melaina” Pozak

Celestina “Pudentiana” Preston

James “Zygmunt” Presutti

Cole “Raphael” Quarantillo

Alessia “Maria” Randazzo

Sean “Patrick” Reilly

Dixon “Patrick” Reynolds

Joseph “Peregrine” Riddle

Matthew “Philip” Riddle

Lydia “Joanna” Schultz

Madelyn “Brigid” Seeley

Brennaugh “Gobnait” Stack

Bridget “Rita” Stack

Brianna “Joan” Stefik

Christian “Isaac” Streb

Isabella “Valentina” Toliano

Sam “Ezekial” Torrie

Sophia “Anne” Violante

Victoria “Teresa” Winger

Nevaeh “Sebastian” Winston

Niagara University

Leah “Lucy” Dobrasz

Ciaran “Sebastian” Edwards

Leah “Elizabeth” Galie

Isabella “Elizabeth Ann” Guerrucci

Salvatore “Sebastian” Manente

Michael “Giovanni” Trapasso

Nicholas “James” Trapasso

St. Vincent de Paul Parish

Kayla “Faustina” Menshon

Kelsey “Maria” Menshon

The 2018/2019 St. Peter & St. Bernard Faith Formation Classes for this year have concluded. We would like to say thank you to all our volunteers who helped out with our program this year. We are very blessed to have their continued commitment and dedication to this important Church ministry.

Our Volunteer Catechists & Class Aides

Kindergarten - Mrs. Aliscia Krecisz & Mrs. Michele Hausauer

Grade 1 - Mrs. Anna Marie Irish & Ms. Bridget Stack

Grade 2 - (First Penance) Mr. Kevin Bovanizer & Mrs. Angela Lopez

Grade 3 - (First Holy Communion) Mrs. Mary Ruth Baumler & Mrs. Connie Locey

Grade 4 - Mr. Juan Lopez

Grade 5 - Mrs. Suzanne Trendell

Grade 6 - Mrs. Michelle Deutschman & Mr. James Ieraci

Grade 7 - Mrs. Alison Lilly

Grade 8 - Mrs. Paolo Giaquinto

Grade 9 - Mrs. Mary DeGiulio and Mrs. Debra Loverde

Grade 10 - Confirmation Catechists: Mr. Rodney Alaimo & Mrs. Bernadette Franjoine Theology of the Body Catechist: Mrs. Raphaelle LaNasa

**A goal for the Faith Formation program is to be able to offer a Pre-K Faith Formation Class. At this time, we are looking for a few volunteers that would like to help with the planning and teaching of this class. If you are interested in volunteering to help with this project, please contact Dianne Wysocki in the Faith Formation Office at 754-2812 or email [email protected] **

 For questions, please contact Dianne Wysocki at 754-2812 or email [email protected]

The Sacraments are for every child, even those with special needs. The Diocese of Buffalo’s Department of Lifelong Faith Formation has a resource person with experience available to assist our parish in developing a plan to meet the individual needs of a child with disabilities. If someone in your family is in need of these services, please contact Dianne Wysocki in the Religious Education Office. 

If you have any questions, please contact Dianne Wysocki at [email protected] or (716) 754-2812.