Faith Topics and Lessons

Faith Topics and Lessons

Welcome to Faith Formation Topics and Lessons for families with children in Grades 1-8!

- Below is a list of topics that we encourage parents to experience with their children each year. New content will be available for each topic on a yearly basis (from September until June of the following year). Each topic will have two faith lessons:

1. Lesson for families with Young Children (grades 1-5)

2. Lesson for families with Teen Children (grades 6-8)

- It is mandatory to attend a Start-Up Meeting at the start of each Faith Formation year:

- To receive materials need for lessons.

- To learn how to best utilize the lesson content for your family. 

- Receive the Faith Journey Checklist to be completed at the end of each faith formation year.

Faith Topics & Lessons:
Click on the link below to access both the 2023-2024 Young Children and Teen Lessons. 

2023-2024 Faith Topics & Lessons

Faith Topics Meeting Dates

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