Last Words from Fr. Cole


I have been absolutely overwhelmed with your outpouring of kindness. The number of well-wishes, hugs, cards, gifts, emails, and most especially, prayers has left me awestruck. I can only hope to thank you personally, but please accept this note as a feeble attempt to say THANK YOU! We have experienced a lot together in these three short years. They were scary, sad, tearful, and frustrating times. Yet while we journey on our pilgrimage of life together with Christ at the helm, we have equally found hope, consolation, peace, joy, and laugher. A parish is community who LIVES the Paschal Mystery. Through death, in Christ, there is always resurrection!
Many have asked for my contact information and I have included it below. I honestly and truly hope you come and visit! My hospitality background will be on full display as I hope to create within the convent where I will be living a place of welcome for all. Among my new family of parishes are also stunning examples of Polish Cathedral style architecture (yes, that’s a thing), a tremendous asset to our whole WNY Community that I will work tremendously hard to preserve. This is truly an immense task and will accept any grace that comes from your continued prayers.
I can’t conclude without saying from the bottom of my heart just how much YOU are loved and appreciated! YOU have been called by God to be here and are right where you belong, YOU make St. Peter’s Parish what it is, YOU will lead it into the future, YOU will share our Catholic faith with the next generation, and for YOU, our Lord has lovingly laid down his life. I can only pray that YOU will never stop uniting your heart to Christ’s that is burning in love...for YOU!
Your pastor and friend,
Fr. Cole
Family of Parishes # 30
St. Stanislaus Parish & Diocesan Shrine of St. John Paul II St. John Kanty & St. Adalbert Basilica
St. John Gualbert & Diocesan Shrine
St. Katharine Drexel
Collaborating with the Pauline Fathers at Corpus Christi Parish

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