"And I say to you, that you are Peter, and upon this rock I will build my church, and the gates of Hell shall not prevail against it." - Matthew 16:18

Principal's Corner

Mrs. Maureen Ingham  

Mrs. Ingham's Message for April 18, 2021

I know I am partial when I say that SPS has the greatest kids anywhere...but the fact of the matter is... it is TRUE! The number of students who were identified as “GEMS” during the Lenten season was overwhelming, and now that we are into our third trimester of the school year, we will be kicking off our Kids with Character campaign, where students will be recognized for exhibiting one or more of the following characteristics that define what we, at St. Peter RC School are all about:

Kindness Gratitude

Courage Creativity

Cooperation Responsibility Honesty Empathy Perseverance Respect

There is no doubt that we will see even more children recognized for the goodness that they bring to their classrooms and our school each and every day. What is even more important is that these strong characteristics are not seen because the children are “trying” to receive the recognition...they are doing these good deeds because they know deep down that these are the traits that God wants them to have...and so they “just do them!”

All of the staff and students were very excited with the news related to Father Cole...He has been named the PASTOR of Saint Peter RC Church and School by Bishop Michael Fisher as of April 9, 2021. We are grateful for the gift of Father Cole who has shown a keen interest and a strong belief in our school and in Catholic Education. We will all continue to work together to build our great school as we move forward with Father Cole Webster as our Pastor.

Congratulations and God bless you, Pastor Cole Webster.

We are here for you!

With updated regulations coming out the Friday from the CDC, before we all returned from Spring Break, a Subcommittee of our SPS Reopening Committee reconvened to determine what, if any, changes would be made at this time in the protocols we would be following at our school. A summary of our meeting included:

• The first two-three weeks immediately following Spring Break, with many families traveling to a variety of different locations, is NOT the time, proven through past experience, to let up on any guidelines related to masks, social distancing and hand washing

• We have suggested to parents/families, who have traveled, to consider quarantining upon return, and/or receiving a COVID-19 test before returning to the classroom

• We have asked families to let us know their travel plans, if they choose, so that we have a better idea, upon return, of whom has traveled, where they traveled, and when they returned

• We have opened up ZOOM instruction for all classrooms where families are home quarantining or are feeling unsafe about returning immediately after the Break

• We will maintain our classroom set ups to respect the 6-foot distancing in seating

• We will, as directed by the CDC, continue to wear masks, except in areas where eating is required. Individual accommodations will continue to be provided as needed

• We will open windows as frequently as the weather permits

• We will go outside for recess and lessons whenever and wherever possible

• We will reconvene as a subcommittee regularly to make any appropriate changes as we move through these last 46 days of the school year

• We thank all committee members for their continued work, and all families for their patience and support during these different and often challenging times


And finally...we welcome SPRING...with a new morning prayer to be recited by our staff and students each day...


God...help me to greet this wonderful time of year

with a smile and a promise to do better for YOU and for myself.

I want to study, pray and witness more for you


I need to start fresh with taking care of my body and mind for myself.

Help me to become more organized

So that I can use my time wisely

And give more time to You throughout the day.

I want to be motivated...

Have a clear mind...and stay focused...

So I can get things done promptly.

I ask these things...In Your name

Thank you Lord for watching over me, and helping me to make these promises my reality.


Mrs. Ingham's Message for April 11, 2021

At St. Peter RC School, I think we can best define March as “in like a lion...and out like a lion.” Just when we thought that we are entering into a long month with lots of school days and no days off...the month of March just flew by. April is here...spring break is over (we all return tomorrow) and we are down for the count for the final 50 days of the 2020-2021 school year in what has been a tremendous year for all of us. All thanks to God, for sure!

This beautiful weather we have been having has seen our outside campus, and most particularly, our playground, filled with children at all times during the school day. And children are never too big for playgrounds, that is for sure! I received a letter of request from our Middle School Student Council representatives, asking that the playground be reserved for a 15-minute time period each day...JUST for middle schoolers. They enjoy being out there with each other so much, and it is “just tough, Mrs. Ingham, to run around without bumping into some of the little ones,” they stated... Ahhhhhh...Spring is here!

As we return to school we are mindful of all of our families that have traveled and we have taken extra precautions to be sure they are returning healthy and safely. Our maintenance staff has done an outstanding job getting the school super-cleaned and disinfected as we ready for our “home stretch.”

Thanks to Mr. John, Tori and Morgan for all of their hard work.

The final day of school before Easter celebrated many wonderful things and some fun things that make SPS a special place to be:

 We added the last of our students to the GEMS for JESUS bulletin board that we have worked so hard to fill with kind words and actions over the days and weeks of Lent

 Students from each grade carried their class jars filled with the GEMS they had earned and placed them on the altar...our small sacrifices given to Jesus for all of the suffering He did and love He gave...for all for us

 Grade 2, with Miss Rougeux, Miss Couturier and Mrs. Cancellieri presented a beautiful Mass reminding us throughout the prayers and readings of the Mass, of God’s great love for us

 Lots of desk and locker cleaning happened...and THAT is always a good thing

 We announced grade level winners for our traditional Easter candy guessing contest, and the grand prize went to Lillian Farnham in Miss W’s Prek 4 with a perfect guess! Mrs. Phillips won the teacher prize...but she was not as close as Lil!

 Our end of the trimester awards were drawn and our students earned lunch snacks, dress don passes and lunch with the Principal and the Pastor. Maybe this trimester we can actually go “out for lunch” as we always do!


And finally, with all of their classmates in the media center for the announcement, we named the Class of 2021 highest academic achievers amidst hoots and hollers, clapping and much pride.

Congratulations to



We are very proud of all your hard work and great accomplishments, Dom and Dylan. We look forward to this last trimester with you and to hearing your wise words at your graduation ceremony on June 21, 2021.


Mrs. Ingham's Message for April 4, 2021

Blessings and good wishes to all of our St. Peter and St. Bernard friends on this most blessed and holy days of the year...


I am sure you are filled to the brim with MY messages each week, and so I thought I would let this week’s article be filled with the thoughts, feelings and activities of our students...the most wonderfully awesome group of children on the planet. Are they excited about the Easter bunny and jelly beans, vacations and time off from school????? Yes...but make sure you read though all of these comments and you will see a common thread that holds us all together and what makes our CATHOLIC school stand apart from other schools. I visited each class, after giving them a heads up that I wanted to come to their rooms this past week and talk a bit about Easter...here are some of the things I learned:

From the time little voices in PreK as they colored Easter eggs with crosses on them… they said that Jesus died so we could have the Easter bunny :)

In Kindergarten, stained glass Easter egg decorations reminded them of the stained glass windows in Church, and from their they ”got to” the story of Jesus dying on the cross for us because He loved us so much. :)

Grade 1 and I had a very interesting conversation one day about the difference between a “cross” and a “crucifix.” We started looking around the classroom and identifying which was which and why...I shared the crucifix I wear each day which triggered quite a conversation...and later I saw them “checking out” these differences as they passed crosses and crucifixes throughout our building! Hmmm...that was definitely not a “planned” lesson, but a heartfelt one just the same. :)

Preparing for First Penance next month, second graders talked about Jesus on the cross dying to forgive us for our sins...that is Good Friday, they reminded me, and Easter is when He rose from the dead so we could go to heaven. “There are a lot of those holy days, Mrs. Ingham, when it was close to the day Jesus was dying! (Holy Week in a nutshell) :) :)

A deeper understanding begins in Grade 3 as these students get ready to receive the body and blood of Jesus in the sacrament of Holy Eucharist. The bulletin board outside their classroom door tells the story...”Seasons change, but the love of Jesus is the same...now, forever and always.” :) :) :)

Grade 4...was pretty exceptional as the children wrote their description of each station and illustrated it, and then videotaped and shared them with their families...WOW...what a deep message as one boy said...”doing the stations this way really helped us feel what Jesus felt.” I have to admit...watching these presentations via ZOOM touched me in a most special way as well… :) :) :) :)

Grade 5 is pretty amazing as they shared so many different facts they have learned about Easter. This year they lived each day of Holy Week as they walked the path with Jesus, with the apostles, with Mary and shared how they felt each of these people was feeling all those years ago. They then moved to how it made them feel as they read and viewed the path to Calvary with Jesus...hurt, anger, gratefulness, fear, pain...are just a few of their emotional responses… they Get IT! :) :) :) :) :)

Doing for others is the message of Easter most relevant to students in Grade 6. They made cards and signs for the residents at OLP and felt that was something Jesus would be happy they were doing. This entire class also earned a “Gem for Jesus” just for being themselves...good and kind and thoughtful to one another...all the time...and once again making Jesus smile! :) :) :) :) :) :)

As the smallest class in our school, these preteens in Grade 7 had much to say and truly showed the depth of their understanding of the true meaning of Easter. They wondered about things like...how did we get the jelly beans and bunny traditions when this was really a day about Jesus, and that quickly became an assignment to determine the “facts.” Another student painted Easter eggs with crosses instead of squiggles and stripes...a real understanding and representation of the “holy “day and the “holi” day! :) :) :) :) :) :) :)

Did you see the shadow stations performed by Grade 8? If not, take 20 minutes and visit our website where they are posted. As these students leave our SPS family at their graduation this June, they will have lived the true tradition and the foundation of their Catholic faith. They walked and talked and felt the Passion of Jesus and the overwhelming love He has for all of us. What greater message can we give our children than the gift of Jesus love for each of us????

In my book...NONE! :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :)



Mrs. Ingham's Message for March 28, 2021

I have been hosting school tours, after hours, when there are no teachers or children in the building, as we are still not allowing anyone in our building during these pandemic times. After school, evenings and weekends seem to be working out quite well for families, and as I live so close to school, it has been easy for me to accommodate these different schedules.

This is truly one of the fun parts of my job as Principal of this fine facility...to show our great building...all of the recent renovations, the new furniture, the creative work of our students on the walls, the outstanding programs we offer, our awesome playground built from the support and love of our benefactors and the ability to outwardly practice our faith throughout each day. Truly...SPS is an “easy sell!”

What makes it even more fun is when I do what I did twice last week, and that is provide a tour for an alum who now wants their child to continue their educational path in their parents’ footsteps, here at St. Peter RC School.

These tours look and sound so different as we walk through the halls and notice all of the changes that we have made since the “touring parent alum” was a student at SPS.

Of course, if you know me, I am always trying to make connections for my visitors, and I talk a lot throughout the tours...did you know my children when they were here? Do you remember where we held library and technology? Yes...this used to be the original door to the school and a whole new entranceway has been built, and yes this all (media center) used to be a part of the cafeteria...and no we never had an elevator before. SO much to say and show...so much fun!

The alums love to look at the gym and see if their name is hanging up from when their swim team came in first place, or when the basketball team ended their season as champions. The parent alum tells their “not so interested child,” where they sat, who their Art teacher was, what Spring Musical they starred in, and that they had to go to the” Red Brick” for Gym because the current gym was not in place...all those years ago!

And of course...the most favorite and famous question...”Is Mrs. Calandrelli still here?” I have to admit ...these tours were a lot more fun when Mrs. Calandrelli WAS still teaching Kindergarten and when a visitor could walk to her room, 30 years later, and she would still know who they were and where they sat, and the names of all their sisters and brothers!!! She was, and is, an amazing lady, and there are no alum walking our halls who did not have Linda Calandrelli as their teacher. MEMORIES....all four of my children began their educational pathways with Linda...and they talk about those days often...remembering the crafts they made, the handwriting they practiced, the Mother’s Day tea with real china tea cups, and her firm yet loving way to get all ready for Grade 1.

God has been good to us at St. Peter School and we have so much for which to be grateful. Ours is a great school filled with dedicated and competent teachers, state of the art technology, updated furniture and facilities and the best 200 children you could find anywhere. And...we are now directly connected...spiritually and physically, to our beautiful Church! It absolutely doesn’t get any better than this!

So where was I ...oh yes...tours! We are close to capacity in many grades as of March 12, so if you are thinking about a great education for your children there is no other option than SPS to ensure that your mind is always active, your soul is blessed with the Lord’s grace, your head is always thinking, and your heart is always full! God bless Saint Peter’s...God bless us all! I look forward to meeting you very soon and showing you all we have to offer your children at St. Peter RC School, here in the heart of Lewiston, NY!