"And I say to you, that you are Peter, and upon this rock I will build my church, and the gates of Hell shall not prevail against it." - Matthew 16:18

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Principal's Corner

Mrs. Maureen Ingham  

Mrs. Ingham's Message for January 17, 2021

As promised, our registration application for the 2021-2022 school year is now available on our school website at www.stpeterrc.org and is also enclosed in this bulletin. You can call the school office if you would like us to send you a registration form, but please know we are operating on a first come first served basis, and we will create waiting lists as needed. No one knows what the next school year will bring, but at SPS we plan to continue to offer our outstanding and challenging, Christ-centered, well-rounded educational program for children in Grades PreK3-Grade 8 five full days. Please call the main office at (716) 754-4470 to set up an after-hours tour or if you have any questions. We are here to help in any way that we can, and we look forward to welcoming you to our St. Peter RC School family!

You can peruse our website, read our bulletins, and listen to the voices of others talk about all of the great things that we are at SPS, but sometimes it is “good for the soul” to look at some pictures whose stories tell a thousand words. After an extremely challenging first week back to school, I strolled leisurely through the building Friday afternoon after all had left and the halls were quiet and I felt and saw the children and the teachers in ways that only the pictures can tell...and I shall share here, in the hopes that these few snapshots will make you smile...and as I tell the children “make my heart smile.” Just a little bit!

PreK has been learning about the letter, “S” and these are some of the activities they did with their teachers...They read “The Snowy Day,” and Mrs. Shanks called the office in sheer excitement to tell me that just as she finished the last page of the story, the class looked out the window to see real snowflakes falling.. ”perfect timing God...thanks… you are always close at hand to help us teach a lesson. Another “S” word was “snowman” and the children built paper snowmen and completed the sentence starter “my snowman melted because… I wonder if this guy drinks Starbucks…my favorite! A runner up comment for why the snowman melted was because he spent too long in his hot tub...you’ve got to love PreK!!! We sure do. “Skating” starts with “S” and another PreK class built an ice rink and had all of their favorite people on the “pretend” ice...do you recognize this guy all dressed in black…of course it is our very own Father Cole. He is balancing pretty well, don’t you think? The children learned about resolutions or promises and Sydney’s resolution for 2021 was to clean her room (she is only four so she is definitely off to a good start), and Joella will try to be nice to her brother (she already is a sweet sister to Jase but trying harder is always a good thing).

As I moved upstairs I chuckled as I once again looked at the pictures from the Blizzard of 1977. I told the third grade students who were learning about this “piece of history” that I WAS THERE!!! That was so hard for them to relate to because 1977 was so long ago...this was history for them and part of MY real life! (HAHAHA). I don’t think many of our teachers were alive in 1977 either...a learning lesson for all as I reminisced where I was and what life was like for those long days and weeks from what seemed so long ago. Where was Mrs. Calandrelli when I needed someone “older” with whom I could reminisce???

I could add so many more things here that make my heart smile every single day as I walk through our halls and into our classrooms. Saint Peter RC School TRULY is THE place to be! Most importantly...it is here that we can share our love for the Lord, and our Faith and belief that all will be well. After Mass on Friday, Father Cole came to the doorway of each classroom, much like houses were blessed in days of old, and asked God to bless the classroom and all of the people in it…to watch over them and keep them safe and ending his blessing with GO BILLS!!!

You just “gotta love this place” called SPS...I sure do and feel blessed beyond imagining that I have had the privilege of leading this charge for the past nine years. Stay safe and well...God bless Saint Peter’s...God bless us all!

Mrs. Ingham's Message for January 10, 2021

On your mark... get set...GO… It is time to register for the 2021-2022 School Year at Saint Peter RC School

In next week’s bulletin we will enclose a copy of our registration application, for Grades PreK3-Grade 8 as well as having it posted on our website. While we do not even know what next month will bring, let alone September 2021, we do know that we will do all in our power, with the help of the Good Lord, to open our doors in September for 5 full days of instruction, and if you want to be a part of this great learning institution, you will want to register immediately. Many of our grades are already filling up. We opened registration for our currently enrolled families and they have been responding daily. We are numbering registration forms as they arrive and placement in each grade will be on a first come first served basis. Please call the school between 8:15 am and 3:30 pm if you have any questions or would like to arrange an on-site tour, which I am happy to arrange after school hours or on the weekends. You can also visit our website at www.stpeterrc.org, or reach out to me, the SPS Principal, at [email protected] Ask anyone who is here...SPS is THE place to be, and many of the families that just joined us this past September are some of the first people to re-register for September 2021. That is truly a strong statement about the value of an SPS education. Make sure you register on time!

As I am sure you know, Saint Peter RC School has been designated as a part of the YELLOW zone and based on that designation, we had to meet the required benchmarks as set by the NYS Department of Health. Within this designation, between 12-21-20 and 1-4-21, we were required to provide evidence that we tested a minimum of 20% of our population (approximately 50 children and adults included) and the rate of positivity had to be below the community rate at that time.

Thanks to the efforts of Mr. Joe Ruffolo, CEO at Niagara Falls Memorial Medical Center, and the commitment of our SPS families, we were able to test 64 people in less than three hours on New Year’s Eve. Not only were we below the community spread percentage, we had 0% positive tests. An additional 21 folks were tested within the designated window and all were negative. Some additional Niagara Falls resident students were tested at the Niagara Falls City School District sites and we are awaiting their results as of this writing. I have been in touch with the Niagara Falls testing administrator and she said that any positive tests would be forwarded to me immediately. As of New Year’s Eve there were no SPS positive cases. (HURRAH!!!) The hospital staff was unbelievably awesome with all of our children and made sure that all were comfortable. Of course, Nurse Barb (Barb Malinowski) was on site throughout, and helped all of the children be at ease throughout the testing procedure.

We provided one additional opportunity for our remaining staff and students on January 7 at school. These results are not available at the time of this writing, however, the good news is that if they are negative...that is great, and if they are positive, that is great as well, because knowing that via the test, and because most likely they are asymptomatic, getting a positive testing result means we can remove them from school, once they know the positive results, and remain in quarantine so as not to infect others. These are not fun things to have to do, but they are necessary to keep our SPS families safe and healthy. For anyone who needs to quarantine, for whatever reason, we are providing remote instruction as needed and appropriate.

Along with all of our SPS family, I deeply appreciate your ongoing prayers for all of us for a safe and healthy 2021 for us all. Trust that we will keep you in our prayers as well.

Mrs. Ingham's Message for January 3, 2021

And WHOOSH!!!! It was gone...2020 that is! And for many of us we are breathing a sigh of relief as we bid farewell to a year that changed all that we know about, and all that we do, in ways that we never even imagined.

However, amidst all of the turmoil and sickness and sadness and scariness...if we are reading this WE ARE HERE...and not just “here”, but here in Church or online in the “spirit of Church,” because we know that the Lord is taking care of us at every moment. It is that moment to which we must hold tight...every single day...no matter what the year is or the challenge with which we are presented. God is always near at hand...in a pan-demic...at family celebrations...with those who are sick...and those who are sad...and those who don’t know where to turn… HE IS THERE...how blessed are we who believe.

As we enter this new year, like always, we think of those resolutions that we will attend to, to lose weight, to clean our closets, to eat healthy and all of the other “things” that we think will make this a better year for us.

But, this time around, I challenge you to alter your list of resolutions a bit and consider those “things” that will start your new year...and each new day...in a way that will make you feel better “inside”...which is where all good resolutions must begin.

I reconnected with a very dear high school friend last year and we regularly share notes and conversations. She shared this with me and now...I share with you.

God bless us all as we begin “THIS NEW YEAR” in God’s love and His ever-stretched arms of comfort and protection........


Seek out a forgotten friend

Share some treasure

Give a soft answer

Encourage youth

Keep a promise

Find the time


Apologize if you were wrong

Be gentle

Laugh a little

Laugh a little more

Express your gratitude

Welcome a stranger

Gladden the heart of a child (or an elder)

Take pleasure in the beauty

And wonder of the earth

Speak your love

Speak it again

Speak it still once again!

Mrs. Ingham's Message for December 27, 2020

“This has definitely been a different Christmas!” We have heard those words spoken so many times lately...I have used them myself in planning for our family celebration. And it IS different in how we gather and where we go. But the most important part of the season did not change...and never will change. December 25 will always be the birth of the Child Jesus, the day when God became man to live and grow amongst us and show us the way to salvation.

We were unable to share the Christmas story at the Christmas Eve Mass this year, however, if you want a bit of Christmas cheer, filled with the faces and voices of our children, please tune into the Saint Peter RC School webpage (www.stpeterrc.org) where each of our classes performed as if the “real live event” was happening. You can tell by the looks on their faces that THEY felt they were performing on the altar in front of a Church filled with hundreds of happy faces. Some of the classes began practicing as early as October as they were unsure what the status of school being open would be, and their hard work certainly paid off as you will see when you watch...from our littlest angels to the traditional Nativity scene...God bless them all!

From all of us at Saint Peter RC School, we send our warmest wishes for good things over this Christmas break, and we, like all, pray that 2021 is filled with the blessings of good health and peace for all.

The school office is closed until January 4, 2021, but if you need anything you can reach me through my email at [email protected] I will be in and out of the office most days over the break as we prepare for the new year. If there is anything you need...just give me a holler.

Also please note that our 2021-2022 re-registration packets went home with our current school families on December 15, 2020. Students currently enrolled in Saint Peter School will be given the first opportunity to re-enroll. Open registration, for all who are interested in SPS for September 2021 begins on January 19, 2021, and will be added to the class lists on a first come, first served basis. Registration forms can be accessed on our website or by calling the school office at (716) 754-4470.