"And I say to you, that you are Peter, and upon this rock I will build my church, and the gates of Hell shall not prevail against it." - Matthew 16:18

Principal's Corner

Mrs. Ingham's Message for October 2, 2022

St. Peter RC School students are not just learners in our school, they are a part of their own families and they are members of our larger community. From their earliest years here at SPS, we teach about the community...the helpers that take care of us, the surrounding towns and villages that are our neighbors, and always...our responsibility to be a contributing and caring part of the community in which we live.
One of the strong messages we share, in what we say
and what we do, is that as God’s children, we must take care of one another.
Different grades have selected service projects and
agencies with whom they will align this year as they share their gifts, talents and resources to those in
need. We will share with you some of the projects
classes are completing throughout the year as each
works towards their mission of caring for one another.

With only one month of school completed, the teachers
have adopted Roswell Park Cancer Institute as their
partner in donations and gifts. Different staff projects,
as well as donations, will be made as we set the example for our students. Roswell Park has touched many of us and many of our family members, so it was
fitting that we adopted Roswell as our cause.
Additionally, in just this first month alone, SPS has had students volunteer to park cars at the Parkinson’s
Disease Walk at Daeman College, participate in the
Peach Festival parade, and gather over 800 pounds of
produce for the needy. Our Junior St. Vincent DePaul
Society, under the direction of Mr. Jim Allen, which will
begin meeting in October, has already committed to
supporting the work of the parish society with the collection and delivery of food and home good items for the Divine Mercy Shelter for the Homeless, and for Heart Love and Soul, both in Niagara Falls.
We have posted pictures of some of these activities and
invite you to come and see all that we are doing...all that we are giving...all that we are learning, and all
THAT WE ARE, as we take care of all of God’s children.

Mrs. Ingham's Final Message for July 3, 2022

Happy Summer to all of our St. Peter Parish Family. As we enter the month of July, we welcome sunshine and longer days, outdoor time and family time, no homework and lots of swimming, sailing, baseball and “hanging out” with friends. Happy Summer All!Just a few facts and figures as we end this school year and start to get ready for the 2022-2023 school year:
• Enrollment, as we ended this school year was at 182.
• We are ready to open in September 2022, at this time, with 196. There are available openings in some grade levels, and we encourage all who are interested in checking us out, to give a call to the office at 716-754-4470 as soon as possible. Tours can be scheduled Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday between 8-12, or on the weekends or the evenings as needed.• Class sizes remain capped and we will create waiting lists once all seats are full for each grade level.
Our final trimester showed how well our students have finished the year, with students in Grades 3-8:
16 students on High Honor Roll (averages from 96.0%-99.9%),
• 38 students on Honor Roll (90.0%-95.9%)
• 20 students on Merit Roll (85.0%-89.9%)
With three beautiful and heartwarming graduations:
• 5 students graduated from Grade 8 to High School
• 20 students graduated from Kindergarten to Grade 1
• 12 students graduated from PreK4 to Kindergarten
• 13 students graduated from Pre3 to PreK4
We were in session for:
176 school days, and worked around COVID as best as we could, to keep all members of our school family safe
• We prayed together as a school family 352 times (in the morning and at dismissal) plus before and after meals and snack time , and attended Mass at school 32 times.We had the best staff anywhere with everyone working their best and pitching in wherever and whenever needed:
• 20 certified teachers in classes each day
• 7 aides that assisted in classes, the hallways, the lunchroom and in special area classes
• 13 substitutes that covered classes when we needed them and when they could (and we hope they return)
• 6 volunteers in latchkey and the lunchroom and for chorus and Mass, and our volunteer nurse, overseeing the general health and welfare of all of us, and our fundraising money counters. These folks were faithful to the tasks they undertook all year long and we are ever so grateful.
• 1 full-time secretary
• 1 part-time nurse
• 1 cafeteria employee
• 1 Technology Director
• 3 Maintenance Staff
• 1 Administrator
• 1 Pastor
These are very good numbers, no matter how you look at it and we plan for them to increase in the coming year, wherever appropriate!
And moving forward, and the person who will step in to manage our great school, is Rosanna Thomas. I warmly welcome, Ms. Thomas, who will begin her time as Principal at St. Peter RC School on July 5. Rosanna and I will work together throughout the summer transitioning and getting the school ready for an awesome opening. I know Rosanna is excited to get started and will be setting up meetings throughout July and August with teachers and parents and meeting members of our parish and our Lewiston community.As Rosanna steps in, and I move over, I, one more time want to thank all of you, our gracious and loving St. Peter Parish family, for the strong support and faithful belief in Catholic education. that has made our school as great as it is. I know you will continue to do all you can to spread the word about all that we are, and all that we have to offer the children and families of the Lewiston Community. Thank you, again, for the opportunity to serve our children, and follow the message that Jesus has sent our way.
God bless Saint Peter’s.
God bless us all!

Mrs. Ingham's Message for May 15, 2022

I know we are getting so close to the end of the year, and you would think that things would be slowing down a bit, but nothing could be further from that...we are in high gear with so many adventures and activities...no wonder we are all so tired at the end of each day (especially this old lady interim principal). Here is a sampling of what is happening with so much more to come:

* Linus DeDario in Grade 4 served as Principal for the Day this past Friday...a prize his Mom bid on for him at one of our fundraising events. Needless to say, we all had a great time with Principal DeDario. Linus served treats at lunch, took away all homework for the day, awarded double recess time, spoke to the whole school and congregation at the school Mass, visited and spoke to all SPS classrooms and toured the rectory, St. Bernard’s and got to boss around his siblings; Maeve in Grade 3, Elliott in Grade 1 and Jonah in PreK 4. Next month Daniel Johnson will have that same opportunity and I cannot wait to see what Danny
has in store... 
* This weekend our students will participate in the Diocesan EXTREME games with the guidance of Mrs. Wright our technology teacher and STREAM coordinator and Mr. Mark Gaynor, or Director of Technology. Students have built and programmed their own robots for this competition and we are all very excited* Monday May 16, our SPS School Board will see these robots and the arcade games that our students
have made, first hand, as the children will be providing a demonstration for them at the final school board meeting of the year.* On Tuesday of this week we are participating in the annual Diocesan Track Meet under the direction of Mrs. Leah Zahradnik and Mr. Will Greene, who have been preparing our students for this fun event. What is even more exciting is, after close to three years, our SPS bus will have its maiden voyage. “Mr. Norm,” will be helping us out on a few events the rest of this year, as our school bus driver, transporting smaller groups of students to the track meet, Darien Lake and Bowling. We are excited to get our bus on the road and we are so very grateful to all who helped make that happen!* Grade 7 students will be helping our friends at HART this coming Saturday as they serve at the CIRCLE OF HART fundraising brunch event. We are committed to being a strong part of our Lewiston community. Our students, who will wear their uniforms proudly, will show what a great place SPS is for children to learn and grow educationally, spiritually and as a contributing member of their community.* OPEN HOUSE...we cordially invite all families to come in to SPS on Sunday May 22 to check us out and see all that we are at St. Peter RC School. We will open our doors from 9:00 am-12:00 pm for all who would like to come and see us, meet the teachers and some of our families, and view the hidden treasure that we are at 140 No. 6th Street. We will have personal tours with parents and children and light breakfast snacks in the cafeteria. If this time does not work for you, please be sure to call the office at 716-754-4470, and set up a time that works for you...we are very accommodating! Some grades are close to closing as we are approaching our maximum class size...call now so you are not left behind or put on a waiting list. SPS is THE PLACE to be!* If you love PIZZA, stop in at Favorites on May 18 and mention St. Peter School. A portion of their proceeds for that day will be given to SPS and we are most grateful. Last year, Favorite’s sold a LOT of pizza on SPS Day, and we received close to $1000.00. Thanks Favorites!!!
Please continue to keep us in your prayers as we travel these last few weeks of school. You are always in our prayers.
God bless St. Peter’s.
God bless us all!